ProtoBytes is proud to announce that atWar is now also available on Desura. Desura has been a staunch supporter of Indie games, evolving out of ModDB and Indie DB. It would be great if you supported atWar on Desura by visiting our page and adding your comments, to help atWar launch into the Desura community.

Also you should support Desura and explore the site to discover other great Indie projects.

We anticipate this will mean more players for the atWar community which is something that will increase the enjoyment for everyone.

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15-01 UPDATE: Xsolla seems to have fixed the issues with SMS-payments.

After weeks of delay (which wasn't our fault) we have finally integrated the new payments system. The main difference is the addition of ProtoCoins, our own virtual currency. 1 USD = 100 ProtoCoins. You can purchase any amount of ProtoCoins using Xsolla's PayStation. After that, head to the Premium features page to spend them. You can also still pay directly with PayPal, just as before, without bothering with all this coin-business.

Nothing has been changed in the subscriptions and packs themselves, except the 7-day subscription is no longer available.

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Please welcome the latest addition to the list of chat channels: the Help Channel.

It's purpose is quite obvious: to help new players, as well as veterans, in the different game aspects. By default this channel is enabled only for mods and elite, but any player can participate by selecting it or simply switching it on. Ranks 1-3 now also get a dedicated 'Help' button next to the chat box. So, anyone who is struggling with something in game, as well as those who wish to help - please don't hesitate to use the new channel. As always, trolling or misuse of this channel is not allowed and, because we don't want to scare away the new players, those who do risk getting the capital punishment.

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  • We decided to get rid of the in-game header menu in the installed version. Instead there is now a drop down navigation menu in the top left corner.
  • PM and notification messages count is now displayed in-game. Clicking on it will open your inbox.
  • Setting negative defence bonus for custom units should now be possible on Macs.

Also, remember we've mentioned in the previous update that the installed game now auto-updated itself ? Well, that's still true, but, unfortunately, we've changed the logic a bit, so you'll need to reinstall the game just for this one update, and then it should work fine for all the next updates.

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As many of you know, it is possible to install atWar on your computer by right clicking anywhere in-game and then choosing 'Install atWar'.
Well, we have some good news for those who were using this functionality (and for those who never heard of it). We have added a new menu in this version so that you could browse the website directly from the game! There is also now the registration and the 'remember me' feature (so that you won't have to enter your login every time).

Also, installed version will now auto-update itself, so there's no need to reinstall after each atWar update.

Last but not least, we've also created a fully standalone installer for atWar, which will install Silverlight and the game itself on your computer.
You can try it out from here:

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  • New game type: Duel. You'll see this option when creating a new game (in the public / private games switch). Basically, this creates a 2-player game where both players immediately start with a duel.
  • Added the ability to set default zoom for your scenarios.
  • Changing between casual <=> quick games now requires unanimous agreement.
  • Increased maximum unit cost in custom maps to 5000.
  • Increased maximum reinforcements in custom maps to 10.
  • Some minor bug fixes.

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You don't have to believe in Xmas to get presents this year. atWar is having another SP Boost... paid up atWar members will receive 1.5 x SP from the 25th until the end of the year. Celebrate the last week of the year Mayan Style!

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  • Added back the whole country bonus (bonus for controlling all cities in the country). It is fixed at 20% of the country's overall income.
  • Reduced SP dependency on ranks. The maximum difference in the SP gain between different ranks is now 10%.
  • Elo rating is now shown in the player info popup.
  • Decreased chat transparency in the lobby to make it more readable.
  • Renamed Default Map to World Map.
  • Fixed several bugs related to custom maps.

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After months of hard work, atWar is finally open to everyone. We have said our goodbyes to Afterwind, and are now looking steadily into the future. Some of the players are rather overly-nostalgic - but this is always unavoidable, unless we decide to halt all progress on the game. Personally, we are rather pleased with the result and are really excited about all the custom maps and scenarios popping up.

We'd like to specifically thank all the players who are patiently going along with the changes and offer their ideas and criticism without being overly-dramatic about it. We are here to continue making the game better, thanks for understanding this.

And here's the list of what's new and what's changed between Afterwind and atWar - if you notice something is missing, please tell us.

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As most of you know by now, we're merging Afterwind and Custom Maps Alpha on the 1st of December. For more details on what exactly happens look here:

To accomplish the merge we will shut down public access to the server between 9:00 and 12:00 GMT on 1.12. Find you local time here.

We regret to announce that we won't be able to transfer any ongoing games because of the many structural differences introduced in the Alpha.

As always, we remind you NOT TO PANIC! We'll do our best to make a smooth transition, and will quickly fix whatever gets accidentally broken. In case you absolutely have to panic, please do it quietly, without spilling it over into the internet. Cheers!

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SP Superweek is now officially open! For one week, from today to the end of November, several exciting things are happening:

  • SP multipliers! All Premium members will earn 1.5x SP in Afterwind and 2x SP in atWar Alpha!

  • atWar Alpha is now open to everyone who wishes to have a look!

  • All Subscriptions and Premium packs now have massive discounts!

    After this, on the 1st of December, we're merging the two games (more details here:

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