After great success translating atWar into many languages we want to extend this to the Website (will be ready soon) and also to more languages. Ivan has made an inbuilt translator tool which is set up much like PO Editor but with improvements. Such as a translation history and also the feature of having language Mods to 'Lock Off' terms which will automatically be implemented in the game.

EDIT Website translations are now ready to be translated!!!

You can visit the new Translation Tool and check it out for yourselves.

So we are calling out to translators of all languages (atWar Rank 5+) to continue to help translate atWar and also we are looking for Language Moderators to be in control of each language.

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We have now added Maps Created to Player Profiles so you can proudly display the Maps you have made. The Maps display case includes the amount of plays for each Map and the rating. A big thanks to the community for suggesting this great feature.

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Some good news for those of you who suffer from frequent disconnects and server lags in general.
We've added a new protocol for game-server communication which could potentially prove to be more stable that the old one (this will be decided after some extensive testing). Overall traffic amount with the new client should be around 5 times less too.

If you want to try it out, instead of the usual 'Play' button, use the following link to log into the game:

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It's not a secret that many of you have accumulated vast amounts of ProtoCoins and that for those with full premium they are of not much use. Well, the good news is it's going to change as we'll be adding more hats useful things to spend the ProtoCoins on in the following weeks. In fact, one of the features is already there and it's called SP Boost! For those who are curious, have a look at the 'Players => SP Pool' menu in game. Clicking on one of the boosts will enable it for the current game (works both for quick and casual games). We also plan to add boosts that will last for multiple days and could be used for more than one game. It's important to mention that SP boosts do not affect any of the existing game mechanics and are applied after the game has ended.

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For the month of March we are giving prizes to players that recruit the most amount of new members for March. Share your individual 'Invite players' link around and the people with the most amount of invited users for the month of March will win prizes. There is also a prize for Coalitions whose members bring the most amount of new users to AW.

Your Individual link:
On your profile you can find your Invite link which tracks Users you have invited to AW. It looks like this:

The Prizes:
Individual prizes...
1st Place 1,000 ProtoCoins
2nd Place 850 ProtoCoins
3rd Place 750 ProtoCoins

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Vote in the Rare Unit Comp and you could win 500 ProtoCoins.

Aircraft Carrier, Gurkas, Rambo, Intelligence Officers and Child Soldiers are able to be voted on. To see more details of the selected top 5 go here

To vote, go to twitter and retweet which unit you want to vote for. So go to, find the tweet with the Rare Unit you want to vote for and retweet for your chance to win 500 ProtoCoins!

Voters will be selected randomly so go and vote for your chance to win 500 ProtoCoins. You have until Sunday to vote

Edit: Won by Child Soldiers as proposed by Vril

XBrunoBoyX won 500 ProtoCoins

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Today is good news for our huge international community, the multi-language support is now officially out of beta and is ready to use!
As you've probably already noticed, there are now some pretty flags on the login page and in the lobby (top left corner).

Another new addition is the separate local chat channels. Two new additional tick boxes were added to the chat channels list: 'Show English Chat' and 'Talk in English'. These should be self-explanatory, but just in case they aren't: unticking the 'Show English Chat' option will only show chat in your local language, while ticking the 'Talk in English' option will post your messages on the English channel instead of local. Please make sure to only write in English when the 'Talk in English' option is ticked.

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Strategy stats has been revised. Thanks to everyone who participated in this discussion:

Here's the list of changes:
  • Lucky Bastard: +10 critical for all units, with the exception of Militia, Infantry and Marines that get +8 (was +5 for all)
  • Desert Storm: +1 Marine capacity for Helicopters, -1 attack and defense for Infantry and no defense bonuses for Infantry
  • Iron Fist: -3 Transport and Air Transport range (was -5)
  • Naval Commander: +5 Transport capacity

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ProtoBytes is proud to announce that atWar is now also available on Desura. Desura has been a staunch supporter of Indie games, evolving out of ModDB and Indie DB. It would be great if you supported atWar on Desura by visiting our page and adding your comments, to help atWar launch into the Desura community.

Also you should support Desura and explore the site to discover other great Indie projects.

We anticipate this will mean more players for the atWar community which is something that will increase the enjoyment for everyone.

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15-01 UPDATE: Xsolla seems to have fixed the issues with SMS-payments.

After weeks of delay (which wasn't our fault) we have finally integrated the new payments system. The main difference is the addition of ProtoCoins, our own virtual currency. 1 USD = 100 ProtoCoins. You can purchase any amount of ProtoCoins using Xsolla's PayStation. After that, head to the Premium features page to spend them. You can also still pay directly with PayPal, just as before, without bothering with all this coin-business.

Nothing has been changed in the subscriptions and packs themselves, except the 7-day subscription is no longer available.

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Please welcome the latest addition to the list of chat channels: the Help Channel.

It's purpose is quite obvious: to help new players, as well as veterans, in the different game aspects. By default this channel is enabled only for mods and elite, but any player can participate by selecting it or simply switching it on. Ranks 1-3 now also get a dedicated 'Help' button next to the chat box. So, anyone who is struggling with something in game, as well as those who wish to help - please don't hesitate to use the new channel. As always, trolling or misuse of this channel is not allowed and, because we don't want to scare away the new players, those who do risk getting the capital punishment.

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